Insurance Peace-Of-Mind Starts With The Right Questions

Shopping for insurance in greater Chattanooga or Jasper, TN? Looking for the best coverage in Ringgold, GA or Cookeville, TN? Well, here is something to think about.

Typically, when we lay our heads down at night or wake up in the morning, insurance is not usually top of mind. Most of us have thoughts about; buying a house, maybe a new car, starting a business, our families or relationships.  It is doubtful anyone has woken suddenly thinking “I would really love to buy some insurance today”.  Of course, we may drift off to sleep or wake up thinking about the safety and security of our families our assets and our future, so insurance then becomes a way to give us that peace-of-mind.  

When you finally do get around to shopping for insurance here along the Tennessee-Georgia line, the focus should be on securing what is important to you and less about cost.  You see, the security or covering what is important to you is what will give you that peace-of-mind that will have you sleeping better, and dreaming of the things that really matter the most to you.

Defining what you want to feel secure about is the first step.  A good insurance professional can help you with this process by talking with you and taking the time to understand your personal or business situation.  You may have seen the ad that starts “15 minutes or less could save you …”.  

Doesn’t what you have worked for deserve more than 15 minutes of thought?  You see, when you are buying insurance you are in reality renting a space on an insurance company’s balance sheet equal to the amount of coverage you need.  You get to decide how much space you are renting and then with properly asked and answered underwriting questions, the insurance company decides; 1. Do they want to rent to you and 2. How much the rent (premium) is going to be.  The reason there is so much information to be collected in the process is to make sure you are properly covered, make sure your risk qualifies and lastly, to make sure you get the premium you deserve.

Getting the peace-of-mind you seek, at the premium you deserve is the goal.  Without much discussion or by hurrying the process (think 15 minutes!) you could leave your assets exposed to loss, or pay more for the premium you deserve.  Let’s talk about that cost for a moment.  A quick and hurried application process just to “get insurance” will result at best, in average pricing. Worst case, it will result in higher than average pricing with less than adequate coverage.  Here is a scenario of how this works:

Two companies, A & B located on opposite sides of the street in the Chattanooga.  Both are identical in every way; same size, same sales, same construction, similar products and the same customer experience yet company A enjoys much better coverage, terms and pricing than company B.  Why? – INFORMATION The insurance agent representing company A did a much more thorough and professional job providing his underwriters with information about his client, making the underwriters more comfortable with his client allowing them to apply preferred pricing, ideal terms and improved coverage.

So, which do you prefer? Average pricing, coverage and terms or the preferred treatment you will get with First Volunteer? Talk with a professional today at First Volunteer Insurance in either Chattanooga, Jasper or Cookeville, TN or in GA at our Ringgold location. We’ll ask the right questions, spend enough time, and get you the peace-of-mind that comes with knowing you are adequately covered, with ideal terms for your personal or business insurance, at preferred pricing. Sweet dreams!

Products are not a deposit, not FDIC insured, not guaranteed by First Volunteer Bank or any government agency, and may lose value.